HVAC Maintenance

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Invest in HVAC maintenance in Clayton & Smithfield, NC

Keep Your HVAC Unit Running Smoothly

You rely on your HVAC system all year long, so it's essential that you invest in regular HVAC maintenance. O'Neils Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC is the right company for the job. We offer routine HVAC inspection in Clayton & Smithfield, NC. Get a 10% discount on all repairs if you have one of our maintenance contracts.

A typical HVAC inspection will include:

  • Checing the electrical components
  • Cleaning the condenser coils
  • Cleaning the drain lines
  • Checking refrigerant pressures

After your inspection, we'll give you an honest assessment of your system's condition. To learn more about our HVAC maintenance plans, contact O'Neils Heating & Air Conditioning today.

Choose the maintenance plan that works for you

At O'Neils Heating & Air Conditioning, we recommend scheduling an HVAC inspection twice a year. This can prevent major breakdowns by catching problems when they're small. You'll have peace of mind, knowing your home will be as warm or as cool as you need it.

Talk to our staff about our Home Care program for your unit in Clayton & Smithfield, NC now.