HVAC Repairs

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A Faulty HVAC Unit Can Get Your Anger Boiling

Does your HVAC system seem to run nonstop without effectively heating or cooling your home? Are your energy bills rising while you wear extra layers or run fans to keep cool? These are definite signs that you need HVAC repair. O'Neils Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC provides comprehensive heating and air conditioning repair in Clayton & Smithfield, NC.

Some common repairs are:

  • Remove drain clogs
  • Replace dirty filters
  • Resolve pilot light issues
  • Repair or replace your safety switch

Whether you have a minor issue or a major mechanical malfunction, our talented team will have your unit up and running again as soon as possible. Call 919-300-1612 now for prompt heating or air conditioning repair.

How do I know if my system needs to be replaced?

If your unit is over 10 years old and has R22 refrigerant, then it may be time to consider a replacement. Another sign that it may be time for a replacement unit is if you notice an increase in your energy bills. The experts at O'Neils Heating & Air Conditioning can help you determine if an HVAC repair is sufficient, or if it's time to look at new units.

Contact our HVAC experts in Clayton & Smithfield, NC right away to discuss your options.